Problem Diaries

Everyone comes across an unwelcoming or harmful situation, popularly known as “problem” that he/she needs to overcome.It can be the smallest thing for some people and a big deal for others, nevertheless you feel down during times like this.3-reasons-why-failing-problem-solving

The only way to overcome your problems is to find a solution for it, which if you fail to do, can lead you to create more problems for you.It acts like a tumour in your head which slowly grows into cancer.It also changes a person depending on the problem

“you don’t know the whole story until you have watched the full movie.”

I feel that the human nature is too judgemental, no matter how big of a problem a person is having or has been through, he/she will always judge others before knowing the other person’s complete story.Passing judgemental comments and making fun of others is what we humans are best at doing.

Instead of judging others and talking behind their backs, you can actually ask them about their problems or what has caused them to change.I assure you will feel much better if you do this.

My exam is approaching, and I am still three days overdue to submit my assignments and practicals, this is a huge issue for me because if I don’t submit my assignment or practicals on time, the authorities won’t give me my admit card, and I won’t be allowed to do my exams.Just another problem in the life of a student

So I have been working really hard for the past few days, completely ignoring the people around me…I realised that I was slowly changing.I was acting rude with my friends, getting angry at petty things, blaming others for no reason, I wasn’t even laughing at the funniest jokes.

Now I am sure almost every student go through these problems every once in a while and some of you may even say that I am overreacting, but just imagine the things that go through the mind of people with serious problems like financial issues, family problems, getting bullied in school, etc.It is obvious for such people to act differently or be different, on top of that we make it worse for them instead of helping them.

I don’t want you people to be saints or angels, I am simply asking you to be less judgmental about everything, help others when they need it.I am sure there will be a time when you will need it too.People who are facing problems should Learn to live and solve your problems instead of giving up
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Annoying Facebook game requests

Do you get annoyed when you receive a lot of game requests on Facebook?Some of these requests can come from people you don’t even know.I know, these game requests can be exasperating for some of you, in fact, some people are so displeased that they have actually created memes regarding this issue.But if you do like games, and also like to hang out with your friends at the same time, then it is not too bad…


I have a lot of friends on Facebook who love playing these games, so it’s obvious that I receive game requests all the time.Last night I decided to try one of these games called 8 ball pool for the first time, I was expecting it to be a serious hassle, but the experience was painless.

It wasn’t only the game that I found so amusing, it was the fact that I was playing it with my friends.Some of them, who I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time…

These games are actually a very good way of socialising with people and also with your long lost friends.

I have a friend who moved to the states a few years back, and since both of us were busy with our lives, we hardly had time to contact each other.We were slowly losing touch as far as managing friendship is concerned, but last night we met in the virtual world after a long time, and it was quite an extraordinary thing since I was literally playing pool with someone on the other side of the world.

See, this is why I think these Facebook games are so popular.Social media has made such a huge impact on today’s generation.It felicitates creativity, ideas, sharing of information, career interest and other forms of expression through virtual communities and network.It also has a lot of cons, one of which is, we kinda get addicted to it.

Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook (and its associated messenger), Gab, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Wechat, Whatsapp, and Youtube. These social media websites have more than 100,000,000 registered users.

In short social media is everywhere

If you ever feel lonely and bored, and still haven’t tried one of these games, you should.I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it…


Women in INDIA have always been abhorred and look down upon.They continue to face numerous problems including violent victimisation through rape, acid throwing, dowry killing, marital rape, and the forced prostitution of young girls.India has also been associated with many absurd practices like child marriages, dowry system, female infanticide and sex-selective abortion which has caused it to face much humiliation.


It is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever there is a news about women being ill-treated or misbehaved with.The situation for women can only change when men involved in the situation decide to change, and this goes out, especially for men who think women encourage rape and are responsible for it by wearing short skirts, and crop tops.

I want you to Imagine a girl for instance who decides to go out in the evening, wearing a short skirt and a crop top since it is too hot outside.The girl is sexually assaulted on her way home by a drunk man

QUESTION:who is responsible for the rape?

Is the girl responsible, because she decided to wear a short skirt and a crop top?

If your answer is YES, then i completely disagree with you.

But if your answer is NO, then you probably recognise that we are living in the 21st century and women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, as long as they are comfortable in it.

How can you expect a woman to wear pants and jackets when the weather is hot as hell outside?

Indian-Women-1 A man needs his mother!

A man also needs his wife!


A man doesn’t want his daughters!

This is another major problem that India is going through right now.The Indian government is trying its best to resolve the issue of female infanticide and sex-selective abortion but still there are many places in India where these things occur from time to time.

With the decline in women status from the ancient to medieval times, to the promotion of equal rights by many reformers, the history of women in India has been eventful.

In modern India, women have held high offices including that of the President, Prime minister, Speaker of Lok sabha, Union ministers, Cheif ministers and Governers so its high time we start respecting women a little more and learn to grow with them, not as animals but as human beings.

Lets all live in equality,

Lets all live in harmony.




RAIN RAIN go away

As I looked out the window, I noticed that the clouds had begun to gather in the sky…A few minutes back the sky was postcard-perfect but now it was changing.I heard a tapping on the window first and within no time it became a pitter-patter.Muddy water started entering the streets and filled puddles creating a spot for the dogs to drink water.

I had just got off the phone with a friend.This friend of mine wanted me to come along with him to the market because he wanted to buy some books and files for his college assignment.The plan, however, seemed impossible now, since it was raining cats and dogs outside.Rain does feel wonderful during the night while you are sleeping but, it can be aggravating during the day when you have plans to follow.

562925-rain-1371149393-920-640x480I waited for the rain to stop for a time, which felt like an eternity but, it was determined to carry on regardless, ultimately we had to cancel our trip to the market.The day which had begun with a sapphire blue sky, bright sun and feathery white clouds was coming to a terrible end.

I wonder how the animals feel about unexpected and continuous rainfall.I suppose, they too feel unfortunate for days like these.

  • How a street dog would rather choose running around on a sunny day instead of getting wet and searching for shelter.
  • How a squirrel would rather choose to eat bird seeds during a sunny day instead of doing it in the rain.
  • How a bird would rather choose to fly freely during a sunny day instead of getting soaked in the rain.

I don’t hate the rain, I just don’t like it enough to accept it during times that I need to go out.

The rain continues to hit the ground like thousand of horses hooves, while I am singing the nursery rhyme “RAIN RAIN GO AWAY”



The rambunctious blaring of the alarm clock jarred me out of my peaceful sleep.

It is 6 am in the morning but it’s still dark outside so I decide to stay in bed for a while, I don’t turn off the alarm because I know that I will go back to sleep if I do that.

Do you ever think about destroying your alarm clock because of the shrill, deafening sound it produces?Well I think about it all the time, however, I won’t do that because it would only be a waste of money(adulting)and also because my mum gifted it to me

she knows, how I am not a big fan of punctuality.

An alarm clock was created by Levi Hutchins, of New Hampshire in the United States, in 1787. This device he made only for himself, however, and it only rang at 4 am, in order to wake him for his job.In my case it wakes me up just in time for college.6 am is not a habitual time for me to wake up in the morning..I am just as lazy as any one of you out there..Waking up in the morning has always been a struggle for me but today I needed to get my indolent body out of the bed.My goal was to make it for the 7 am bus to Jammu

how-many-times-have-you-said-to-yourself-today-is-the-day-that-i-urAYQA-clipartYes, I am travelling to Jammu to attend my friend’s marriage.The boy who has decided to get married at a juvenile time of his life.When I asked him why was he getting married at the age of 21, he told me that he was just trying to be a good boy and follow the family tradition.I must say, trying to be a good boy in India comes with a cost..

I make my way out of the house almost forgetting to grab my wallet.My mind has nothing else to focus on besides the bus that I am about to miss.

Since it was sunday the bus stand was crowded with people and there was hardly any room for movement.I had to squeeze myself in to reach the ticket counter where I bought myself a ticket off the elderly man who was shouting at the top of his voice.

Despite being the last person to enter the bus, I was glad because now i was going to make it in time for my friend’s marriage.Soonafter, the bus started to move and we were on our way to Jammu


Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. – William Penn 

The alluring rain and the huge mountains welcome me to Jammu…THE TIME I SPENT ON THE BUS HAS CHANGED ME AND I KNOW THAT I AM NEVER GETTING IT BACK

Life and Bicycles

Everyone has a different perspective about life,some think that money can buy everything whereas some believe that education is the only way to gain respect,power,recognition,admiration and popularity……. “money” or “education”

Which one are you????

Different people will have different things for the answer to this question,mainly because all human beings differ from each other(at some point) and not every one of us wants to become doctors and engineers.My answer to this question doesn’t matter because I too am trying to figure it out..

In ancient past, most people’s life was limited by the need to meet necessities such as food and shelter.Evolution has brought a great deal of change in human life..Nowadays different people have different lifestyles and these lifestyles build their character.A lifestyle typically reflects an individual’s attitudes, way of life, values, or world view,therefore a lifestyle is a means of forging a sense of self and to create cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity,but life doesn’t seem so simple,does it???


Yesterday,as I was passing by an old tea stall near my college I saw an old man trying to fix his bicycle..It was not the first time that I had seen this human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle,in fact I used to own one few years back.Although I didn’t know much about repairing a bicycle, I wanted to help him,I felt compulsive towards this man..As I walked closer to him,his kind eyes stared at mine..

“hello,can I help you” I addressed him

He smiled at me and said “what would you know about repairing a bicycle”

“I can try”

“haha thankyou son but I  have everything I need”

I was disappointed that my offer got rejected but the old man was right,what do I know about repairing a bicycle..After sometime he took a deep breath,smiled at me and said “finally its done”

As he stood up to leave he told me how both of his tires got punctured while he was on his way to work then he did an unusual thing,instead of sitting on the bicycle’s saddle,he sat on the rack.He grinned at me and said”this is how I ride,I feel more comfortable this way”for a minute he rearranged his position to achieve the desired fit and comfort and then left

At that moment I visualised his bicycle as his life.He was putting in all his effort to move his bicycle,he also tried very hard to balance it…Although it seemed pretty hard,he looked comfortable and happy.A person can relate life with a bicycle,there is a lot of common things between them.

I don’t know if money or education is more important but that day I realised that comfort is the most important thing in life.Once you have comfort, no matter what,you will be capable of leading your life in a way that you want and you will also be happy…

Delhi from the top

Delhi the capital city of India seems to be overpopulated every time you go out, it was also named the most polluted city during the year 2016.Don’t know if it’s the hot weather, the traffic or the pollution but it doesn’t seem too pleasant to one’s eyes.(especially the tourists)But have you seen Delhi from the top, I mean from 24000 ft above, that too at night…It’s BEAUTIFUL

It was the fourth time I was travelling from Bagdogra (which is the nearest airport from my home)to Delhi.I had three of my college friends travelling with me.We were mostly excited about the new semester and also because we were finally seniors and were also wondering if any beautiful girl had joined our college….

Our flight was to take off at 4:30 was the first time I was travelling this late…It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Delhi, sometimes a half an hour more.

As our parents bid us farewell, iI hugged my mom after which I walked towards the baggage checks, etc.After we were done with all of the airport security we went on towards the departure lounge where I bought myself a cup of coffee so that I don’t sleep on the plane.

We boarded our flight at around 4:15 pm and exactly at 4:30 I heard a little roar as our planes engines spool up..As I travelled down the runway, I could feel small bumps from runway surface.You also feel the vibration as the wheel spin up to speed.After a while, everything starts to get quieter and smoother as you lift up.Within no time our plane was stable in mid-air..That was the moment I realised that the sun was setting too..It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

After an hour, it was night already.No more bright sky and shiny clouds…

Meanwhile, a beautiful flight attendant announced us that we had reached Delhi and soon we would land.I too could make out that we had made it to Delhi because of the bright lights I could see from my was probably because of Delhi traffic, because the bright lights didn’t seem to have a stopping looked like a giant firework and I felt like it was Diwali[a festival in India]in Delhi.

It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my entire life and I wanted that moment to last a bit longer.For a moment I had forgotten to blink…

Soon we reached our destination,and after collecting our luggage we came out of the airport and I felt so proud that I too was a part of this beautiful city DELHI,and I thought to myself the next time someone complains about Delhi I will ask him/her “HAVE YOU EVER SEEN DELHI FROM THE TOP?”

Whisky on the rocks

A while ago my friend Daniel asked me to accompany him to buy some alcohol beverages.He had some of his friends coming over for dinner in the evening.Although Daniel was not a frequent consumer of alcohol his friends were ,so he wanted to get them something strong.


Have you heard of whisky??

Looks like coke if u pour it in a glass, a little dark in colour,smells like burnt tire and tastes likewise.

I have always found whisky quite strong so I suggested him to buy a couple of bourbon whisky as well..


the first sip is always the tastiest sip.once you are on the second and third sip there is an urge of drinking more.Past this phase no one other than yourself can stop you from drinking more..Daniel was down four to six pegs and I was on the seventh peg…


The alcohol is rapidly absorbed by the blood and effects start to show within 5 to 10 min although it usually peaks in the blood after 30 to 90 min.The first time you realise when you are drunk is that you are talking too much, even with strangers. Your head starts to feel heavy and your eyes turn red…

Daniel and most of his friends were already showing these symptoms not me though,I wanted to drink more

“more whiskey”


The effects of whiskey reach a point where you feel like you have to stop.

You have this sick feeling in your stomach..

This is the point where you either vomit or go to sleep or you will follow both

I could see the trouble Daniel was going through to stay awake..His face was that of a man who had lost all his money in POKER ‘helpless’..

I was having the same sick feeling..

It was now time for me to make my choice,ie either to stay awake and go on with this suffering or go to Sleep…


As ws_Scotch_Whisky_on_the_Rocks_1920x1200-e1454836711528I made my way back to my room felling warm inside and having almost no feeling outside,when i was on the verge of stumbling i had this feeling which made me smile a little.

I knew just then nothing could beat WHISKY ON THE ROCKS

First blog post

Hypergraphia is a behavioural condition characterised by the intense desire to write.I have one of those I think.You see writing is not an obsession,’s a disease.I am here to help myself and I hope you like my work….