Problem Diaries

Everyone comes across an unwelcoming or harmful situation, popularly known as “problem” that he/she needs to overcome.It can be the smallest thing for some people and a big deal for others, nevertheless you feel down during times like this.3-reasons-why-failing-problem-solving

The only way to overcome your problems is to find a solution for it, which if you fail to do, can lead you to create more problems for you.It acts like a tumour in your head which slowly grows into cancer.It also changes a person depending on the problem

“you don’t know the whole story until you have watched the full movie.”

I feel that the human nature is too judgemental, no matter how big of a problem a person is having or has been through, he/she will always judge others before knowing the other person’s complete story.Passing judgemental comments and making fun of others is what we humans are best at doing.

Instead of judging others and talking behind their backs, you can actually ask them about their problems or what has caused them to change.I assure you will feel much better if you do this.

My exam is approaching, and I am still three days overdue to submit my assignments and practicals, this is a huge issue for me because if I don’t submit my assignment or practicals on time, the authorities won’t give me my admit card, and I won’t be allowed to do my exams.Just another problem in the life of a student

So I have been working really hard for the past few days, completely ignoring the people around me…I realised that I was slowly changing.I was acting rude with my friends, getting angry at petty things, blaming others for no reason, I wasn’t even laughing at the funniest jokes.

Now I am sure almost every student go through these problems every once in a while and some of you may even say that I am overreacting, but just imagine the things that go through the mind of people with serious problems like financial issues, family problems, getting bullied in school, etc.It is obvious for such people to act differently or be different, on top of that we make it worse for them instead of helping them.

I don’t want you people to be saints or angels, I am simply asking you to be less judgmental about everything, help others when they need it.I am sure there will be a time when you will need it too.People who are facing problems should Learn to live and solve your problems instead of giving up
 “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


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