Annoying Facebook game requests

Do you get annoyed when you receive a lot of game requests on Facebook?Some of these requests can come from people you don’t even know.I know, these game requests can be exasperating for some of you, in fact, some people are so displeased that they have actually created memes regarding this issue.But if you do like games, and also like to hang out with your friends at the same time, then it is not too bad…


I have a lot of friends on Facebook who love playing these games, so it’s obvious that I receive game requests all the time.Last night I decided to try one of these games called 8 ball pool for the first time, I was expecting it to be a serious hassle, but the experience was painless.

It wasn’t only the game that I found so amusing, it was the fact that I was playing it with my friends.Some of them, who I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time…

These games are actually a very good way of socialising with people and also with your long lost friends.

I have a friend who moved to the states a few years back, and since both of us were busy with our lives, we hardly had time to contact each other.We were slowly losing touch as far as managing friendship is concerned, but last night we met in the virtual world after a long time, and it was quite an extraordinary thing since I was literally playing pool with someone on the other side of the world.

See, this is why I think these Facebook games are so popular.Social media has made such a huge impact on today’s generation.It felicitates creativity, ideas, sharing of information, career interest and other forms of expression through virtual communities and network.It also has a lot of cons, one of which is, we kinda get addicted to it.

Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook (and its associated messenger), Gab, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Wechat, Whatsapp, and Youtube. These social media websites have more than 100,000,000 registered users.

In short social media is everywhere

If you ever feel lonely and bored, and still haven’t tried one of these games, you should.I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it…


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