RAIN RAIN go away

As I looked out the window, I noticed that the clouds had begun to gather in the sky…A few minutes back the sky was postcard-perfect but now it was changing.I heard a tapping on the window first and within no time it became a pitter-patter.Muddy water started entering the streets and filled puddles creating a spot for the dogs to drink water.

I had just got off the phone with a friend.This friend of mine wanted me to come along with him to the market because he wanted to buy some books and files for his college assignment.The plan, however, seemed impossible now, since it was raining cats and dogs outside.Rain does feel wonderful during the night while you are sleeping but, it can be aggravating during the day when you have plans to follow.

562925-rain-1371149393-920-640x480I waited for the rain to stop for a time, which felt like an eternity but, it was determined to carry on regardless, ultimately we had to cancel our trip to the market.The day which had begun with a sapphire blue sky, bright sun and feathery white clouds was coming to a terrible end.

I wonder how the animals feel about unexpected and continuous rainfall.I suppose, they too feel unfortunate for days like these.

  • How a street dog would rather choose running around on a sunny day instead of getting wet and searching for shelter.
  • How a squirrel would rather choose to eat bird seeds during a sunny day instead of doing it in the rain.
  • How a bird would rather choose to fly freely during a sunny day instead of getting soaked in the rain.

I don’t hate the rain, I just don’t like it enough to accept it during times that I need to go out.

The rain continues to hit the ground like thousand of horses hooves, while I am singing the nursery rhyme “RAIN RAIN GO AWAY”



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