Whisky on the rocks

A while ago my friend Daniel asked me to accompany him to buy some alcohol beverages.He had some of his friends coming over for dinner in the evening.Although Daniel was not a frequent consumer of alcohol his friends were ,so he wanted to get them something strong.


Have you heard of whisky??

Looks like coke if u pour it in a glass, a little dark in colour,smells like burnt tire and tastes likewise.

I have always found whisky quite strong so I suggested him to buy a couple of bourbon whisky as well..


the first sip is always the tastiest sip.once you are on the second and third sip there is an urge of drinking more.Past this phase no one other than yourself can stop you from drinking more..Daniel was down four to six pegs and I was on the seventh peg…


The alcohol is rapidly absorbed by the blood and effects start to show within 5 to 10 min although it usually peaks in the blood after 30 to 90 min.The first time you realise when you are drunk is that you are talking too much, even with strangers. Your head starts to feel heavy and your eyes turn red…

Daniel and most of his friends were already showing these symptoms not me though,I wanted to drink more

“more whiskey”


The effects of whiskey reach a point where you feel like you have to stop.

You have this sick feeling in your stomach..

This is the point where you either vomit or go to sleep or you will follow both

I could see the trouble Daniel was going through to stay awake..His face was that of a man who had lost all his money in POKER ‘helpless’..

I was having the same sick feeling..

It was now time for me to make my choice,ie either to stay awake and go on with this suffering or go to Sleep…


As ws_Scotch_Whisky_on_the_Rocks_1920x1200-e1454836711528I made my way back to my room felling warm inside and having almost no feeling outside,when i was on the verge of stumbling i had this feeling which made me smile a little.

I knew just then nothing could beat WHISKY ON THE ROCKS


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