Delhi from the top

Delhi the capital city of India seems to be overpopulated every time you go out, it was also named the most polluted city during the year 2016.Don’t know if it’s the hot weather, the traffic or the pollution but it doesn’t seem too pleasant to one’s eyes.(especially the tourists)But have you seen Delhi from the top, I mean from 24000 ft above, that too at night…It’s BEAUTIFUL

It was the fourth time I was travelling from Bagdogra (which is the nearest airport from my home)to Delhi.I had three of my college friends travelling with me.We were mostly excited about the new semester and also because we were finally seniors and were also wondering if any beautiful girl had joined our college….

Our flight was to take off at 4:30 was the first time I was travelling this late…It takes approximately 2 hours to reach Delhi, sometimes a half an hour more.

As our parents bid us farewell, iI hugged my mom after which I walked towards the baggage checks, etc.After we were done with all of the airport security we went on towards the departure lounge where I bought myself a cup of coffee so that I don’t sleep on the plane.

We boarded our flight at around 4:15 pm and exactly at 4:30 I heard a little roar as our planes engines spool up..As I travelled down the runway, I could feel small bumps from runway surface.You also feel the vibration as the wheel spin up to speed.After a while, everything starts to get quieter and smoother as you lift up.Within no time our plane was stable in mid-air..That was the moment I realised that the sun was setting too..It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

After an hour, it was night already.No more bright sky and shiny clouds…

Meanwhile, a beautiful flight attendant announced us that we had reached Delhi and soon we would land.I too could make out that we had made it to Delhi because of the bright lights I could see from my was probably because of Delhi traffic, because the bright lights didn’t seem to have a stopping looked like a giant firework and I felt like it was Diwali[a festival in India]in Delhi.

It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my entire life and I wanted that moment to last a bit longer.For a moment I had forgotten to blink…

Soon we reached our destination,and after collecting our luggage we came out of the airport and I felt so proud that I too was a part of this beautiful city DELHI,and I thought to myself the next time someone complains about Delhi I will ask him/her “HAVE YOU EVER SEEN DELHI FROM THE TOP?”


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